Bloomin' Beautiful

hannah vasicek

Posted on July 04 2016

“Mummy Mummy, look Mummy”! Little-Miss-almost-two comes screeching around the corner and beams up at me with a bright flower crown on her precious head. Her soft wispy ash coloured hair is all static. Her little perfect face lights up like a flower in full bloom and the sun streaming through the windows provides a halo effect.

She is pure innocence. She is beautiful. She can move mountains. She can dream big. She is free.

Champagne, pink blossoms, flower crowns, mood lighting, sushi, macaroons, dancing, jewellery, candles, music, photo booths, lollies, laughter and lots of prettiness. This was the Be Her Freedom event for 2015.

The Be Hers team aim to make everyone in the room feel special, feel beautiful, and feel loved. Although it is spring, it was a gloomy, grey and drizzly day in Hobart town and the space the event was held in had no windows. That didn’t matter. It sparkled.

The afternoon started with a buzz of white, light-footed, flowing loveliness. There was an abrupt countdown and then a group of talented dancers from a local dance troop took to the stage to perform a breathtakingly, shivers up your spine, rendition of “fight song” before we heard from the softly spoken and extremely charismatic Director of Be Hers, Melody.

After opening the afternoon officially, speakers from the A21 Campaign spoke about what we were coming together in aid of. This was my second year at Be Hers. I warned my Sister-in-Law who came along that is was “confronting” and “full on”. It was my personal disclaimer to her, a bit like what you hear before a hard news story - "some viewers may find this distressing". Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery is beyond distressing. Human trafficking is not something many of us like to discuss over a latte or a glass of wine. Why? I certainly can’t answer for everyone else, but for me, this is why...

Because I don’t want to feel sad while I have a wine and chat with friends, I want to be happy and free.

- For me, when I first read about the issue, it was incomprehensible, it is horrific, and a bigger issue than I thought I could ever contemplate changing.

I changed my mind. Now when I see things that hold a disclaimer I wonder what I can do to help as someone who is happy and free. I attended the event and I will continue to attend and support many other fundraising events. I love events, even more so if you can rock up, sip on a champagne, have a giggle and also make a difference. Be Hers does this extremely well. They raise awareness, raise money and raise a room.


All 700 guests who purchased a ticket to “Let Courage Bloom” were helping. I purchased a pack of gift cards with some inspiring quotes and another piece from Francesca Collections. 100% of the proceeds from these purchases go to the fight against trafficking of women and children into sex slavery. The balance of this event was perfect. You knew exactly why you were there, but you could also socialise freely and have fun.

So after a couple of champagnes mixed with Cold and Flu tablets (note: I do not recommend this mix!) I nibbled at the decadent high tea, took selfies with my flower crown and ooohed and ahhhed at the beautiful outfits on show. The theme was “let courage bloom” and the organisers urged everyone to wear what makes them feel special. No “dress code”. 

On the tables were cards. These cards were to go to victims of human trafficking. All guests wrote in them intently and placed them in an envelope. Then after a moment of reflection the entire room DANCED. Every table had a catchy song placed under a chair at their table and when the music played there was a ‘dance-off’. Whilst the venue did not allow table-dancing, the ladies took full advantage of the chairs. Laughter beamed from every face, there was no sadness.

When I got home “Sparkle Mummy, I take it,” Little Miss said after her bedtime story on Sunday. She was talking about my nail polish. I will gladly pass down my ‘courage’ ‘freedom’ and ‘Let Hope Rise’ jewellery to her when she becomes a woman, but I will give her the disclaimer first. Look darling, it’s “confronting”, it’s “full on”, but courage is found in unlikely places and I hope she will realise that there is always hope.

By Eve Curley


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