Be Hers Event 2015

hannah vasicek

Posted on July 04 2016

'Let Courage Bloom' was the theme of our Be Her Freedom events in 2015. This was so much more than a hashtag but a call to action. It has been amazing to experience such momentum and growth over the years of Be Hers, as ordinary, everyday girls come together to use what’s in our hands to make a difference. The call to embrace courage in our own lives is essential to this story because together, if we all let our courage bloom, we can quite literally change the world around us. Everyone has a story, and everyone has weathered a storm. Letting courage bloom is a way to embrace the rain in hope for flowers and to use our experiences to bring hope and encouragement to others. This short clip generously donated by Joshua Lamont, showcases just a few of our stories and we hope you are inspired. Truly, courage is found in unlikely places.


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